Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nuremberg Bratwurst Review - A review about original bratwurst from Deutsche Kueche

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Following is the first short review on one of our favorite items from Bavaria. Enjoy and remember. We love comments, suggestions and to hook up with like minded people.

Original Nuremberg Bratwurst - Made in Germany by Deutsche Kueche

When you think about Nuremberg, you probably think about the famous Christmas Market. At least most people do. It is exactly there, where you can find plenty of the above bratwurst. Freshly made and served with bread and mustard.

But not only around Christmas time this German/Bavarian specialty is very popular in Nuremberg, Bavaria or Germany. It is a nice snack, a great addition to any party or, served with Sauerkraut and potatoes, a full meal for lunch or dinner.

Born in Germany I grew up for the most part of my life in Bavaria and consumed my share of these great tasting bratwurst.

Deutsche Kueche is a company catering to Aldi, a German grocery store located mainly on the east coast but moving towards the west. So, you will find the above item most likely at a Aldi store. However, Aldi also owns Trader Joe’s. There might be a chance that they carry this bratwurst.

I bought myself a couple packages to see how good they really are.

For that I looked at the packaging. Which is the same as in Germany. The ingredients, which I did not find any difference either. Take a look at the package below. I want to mention that Nuremberg Bratwurst is made with pork. You can enlarge the photo and find the other ingredients.

They come in packages of 12. Depending on what you make them for, this could be for 2 people as a snack, lunch or dinner. But they could also be prepared for a buffet style snack table. There is plenty of options.

Nuremberg Bratwurst can be grilled on the BBQ or prepared in a frying pan. This time I  went with the BBQ grill option. All you need to do is take them out of the package and put them on a heated BBQ. I have no exact time because we are usually going by sight.

Once the first side has a nice dark brown color, turn them and let them brown from the other side. They are done pretty fast ( package says about 5 minutes, but it depends on how brown you like them) .

I prepared them with some original German mustard, some bread and some tomato. This is something I eat for years and always enjoyed it as a snack.

I am very happy to report, that the Nuremberg Bratwurst from Aldi , made by Deutsche Kueche in Germany is an original, great tasting German product which is absolutely authentic. If you like to try products you never had or you had them in Germany and are looking to have them again here at home, this is a good way to go.